Downtown Huntsville Inc.

Downtown Huntsville Inc. sought Matter to develop a new Brand Identity for the city center, evoking the creative, positive efforts underway to strengthen downtown growth and enhance tourism.

After meeting with key downtown stakeholders including the mayor, business owners, residents, and national tech firms, we crafted a cohesive and memorable campaign.

The result is a Brand Identity based around a striking mark denoting the H of Huntsville and the periodic table - a smart identity that appeals to the smart audience. It's also simple, and appeals to a general audience through its restraint.

In addition to the comprehensive Brand, Matter created Advertising Campaigns and developed the concept, structure and full content for the DHI Website. The Website includes all client Social Media integration, email capture, SEO, and optimization for mobile devices.

The Work: Brand Identity, Print Advertisements, Social Media pages, Digital Advertising assets, Website, and more.