EAT South

E.A.T. South (Educate • Act • Transform) encourages healthy living through education and sustainable food production in urban areas. Started as a non-profit 501(c)3 under The Hampstead Institute, E.A.T. South promotes access to fresh, affordable food and the knowledge of food production that supports a healthy lifestyle. This group works with public and private school groups of all ages to visit its urban farm and learn hands-on lessons.

Matter principals Anna Lowder & Harvi Sahota are two of the original three founding members of E.A.T. South. They helped establish the Downtown farm location.

The Work: Matter created the original Brand Identity, Name and Logo, Marketing, Website, Print Collateral, Merchandise, and Public Relations for E.A.T. South. Matter designed and helped implement the site plan for the farm through fundraisers, contributions, and events.