Kudzu Noodle Bar

Kudzu Noodle Bar blends Southern ingredients with the flavors of Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, and Japan. Think of it as "East Meets South." Classic Ramen — rich and hearty broth, light and springy noodles, stir fried vegetables, savory slow roasted meats, and our signature soy-marinated eggs — but with a Southern twist. You’ll find pork, greens, corn, peanuts, fried chicken and fried catfish in our dishes, a nod to Kudzu’s deep Southern roots. The resulting combination brings something unique and exciting to our guests that reflects the true diversity of the New South.

Matter created the Concept and complete Brand Identity for Kudzu Noodle Bar - everything from name to layout to films showing on the wall. Kudzu Noodle Bar is an experience in itself because, like kudzu, this place grows on you.

Work: Restaurant Concept, Brand Identity, Interior Design, Advertising, Menu Design, Merchandise, Website, Marketing, Social Media Management.